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Manulife Securities Incorporated is registered as an Investment Dealer, or its equivalent, with the provincial securities commissions and as such our Advisors are entitled to sell mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities as permitted under our registration. They may also be able to provide other services or products to you through their own business. As a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada ("IIROC"), Manulife Securities Incorporated is obligated to disclose to you that you may be dealing with companies other than Manulife Securities Incorporated when purchasing services or products from your Associate (remuneration to your Associate may also come from various sources depending on the services or products purchased). For example, your Associate may offer any one or more of the following through a separate business, which would not be the responsibility of Manulife Securities Incorporated:

* Income Tax Preparation;
* Insurance: Life, Accident, Sickness, Disability, General.

Please be sure that you have a clear understanding of which company you are dealing with for each of your services and products. Your Associate would be happy to provide any clarification you require.

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